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After-stroke care

A stroke can have a life-changing impact on a person. By providing care at home, we’re helping families receive the support they need in the place where they feel the most comfortable, confident and independent.

Our stroke aftercare is tailored around the effects on your stroke, and focuses on helping you and your family get back on your feet.

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Completely tailored stroke care

Our Approach to stroke and home care

We understand that each stroke brings its unique set of complexities, making the recovery process a highly individual experience.

The beauty of choosing home care with Helping Hands is that your local care specialist will work closely with you, your family, district nurse, hospital, GP and other healthcare organisations to develop a stroke care plan that suits your needs.

Our number one priority is making sure you have an aftercare plan in place that that’s entirely focused around your needs, your routines and your lifestyle. You’ll even get the chance to choose a carer with similar interests and hobbies to you.

Stroke care home support

We provide the support and resources to maximise recovery potential and overall well-being. There are many benefits of stroke aftercare at home, such as:


Recover more quickly


Maintain your routines


A familiar environment


Avoid the stress of moving

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Stroke Care faqs

How can stroke care at home contribute to a smoother recovery process?

Recovering from a stroke can be a challenging and gradual process. Stroke care at home offers a familiar and supportive environment, which can significantly aid in the recovery journey. Our carers work in collaboration with medical professionals to implement rehabilitation exercises, help with medications, monitor vital signs, and provide emotional support. By receiving care in the comfort of their own home, stroke survivors often experience reduced stress and anxiety, leading to a more effective recovery process.



Can stroke care at home accommodate the changing needs of stroke survivors over time?

Absolutely. Stroke recovery is a dynamic process, and our care plans are designed to adapt as needs change. Our initial assessment helps us understand the current state of the stroke survivor’s health and challenges. As they progress in their recovery, our carers collaborate closely with medical experts and family members to adjust the care plan accordingly. Our aim is to ensure that stroke survivors receive consistent, high-quality care that aligns with their evolving needs.



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How do I put Triage Care Services Stroke Care in place?

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Step 1

Get in Touch

We start with a friendly chat, taking time to get to know you and understand exactly what you need from us.

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Step 2

Free Home Assessment

This allows us to properly understand your home care needs and assess appropriate levels of support.

Step 3
Step 3

Personalised Care Plan

We’ll put together a personalised care plan.

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Step 4

Get Started

Once you’re completely happy and comfortable with everything, your care will commence.

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