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All our staff and carers are trained to provide care for those who live with all types of Dementia. Additional training days ensure the support we offer is always best practice and includes the latest advancements in Dementia care.

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Our Approach to dementia care services

Studies have shown that those living with dementia, who are treated at home, have greater health and well-being than those who are placed in unfamiliar surroundings. So, we believe with carefully managed one-on-one support, there’s no reason why somebody requiring dementia care can’t maintain their independence and quality of life at home.

Live-in care or visiting care is an affordable alternative to residential care for those who need someone to be with them day and night. A professional dementia carer can either reside with you in your own home providing one-to-one, round-the-clock care to give you the best quality of life possible. Alternatively, if one is in the early stages of Dementia, our client may only need a few hourly visits. Whichever you decide we are on hand to guide you and give you our expert advice.

Dementia home support

To give you an idea, the types of activities that home based dementia care may involve include:


Helping maintain a safe environment in which to live


Accompanying to therapy sessions (e.g. art or music therapy sessions)


Escorting to doctor’s appointments


Facilitating mentally stimulating activities (e.g. setting puzzles and quizzes)


Managing changes in behaviour that result from dementia


Creating social interaction


Overseeing daily activities

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Dementia Care faqs

What kind of training do your carers undergo for dementia care at home?

Our carers undergo comprehensive training that specifically addresses dementia care. They are educated on various types of dementia, communication techniques, behavior management strategies, and creating dementia-friendly environments. This training equips our carers with the skills and knowledge needed to provide effective care, engage individuals with dementia, and handle situations that may arise due to the condition. This ensures that your loved one receives care that is sensitive, understanding, and tailored to their needs.

Can dementia care at home accommodate the changing needs of my loved one as their condition progresses?

Absolutely. Dementia is a progressive condition, and our care plans are designed to adapt accordingly. Our initial assessment allows us to understand the current needs and preferences of your loved one. As their condition changes, our carers work closely with your family and medical professionals to adjust the care plan to provide appropriate support. Our goal is to ensure that your loved one continues to receive the highest quality of care, even as their requirements evolve over time.


How does dementia care at home promote a safe and familiar environment for my loved one?

Familiarity is crucial for individuals with dementia, and receiving care at home helps maintain a sense of comfort and routine. Our carers create a dementia-friendly environment by implementing strategies to reduce confusion and anxiety. This includes using familiar objects, establishing consistent routines, and employing calming techniques. By providing care in a space your loved one knows well, we aim to minimize disorientation and create an atmosphere that promotes their well-being and confidence.


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