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From our experience in providing home care services locally, we fully understand the ageing process and what’s required to provide the best support. During a care visit, we may notice one of our clients requires medical care, for example, and instead of simply informing the family that a doctor’s appointment is required, we book the appointment and arrange facilitation.

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Our Approach to concierge services

We understand that true comfort lies in having a support system that caters to every aspect of your well-being. Our mission is to provide not just care, but an elevated experience that brings peace of mind and a sense of bespoke care to your daily life.

At Triage Care, we believe that concierge care is a testament to personalised service. Our team of skilled carers go beyond traditional caregiving by offering an array of bespoke services that extend from health and well-being to companionship and practical assistance. With a warm smile and a professional approach, we are here to ensure that every moment is enriched and every need is met.

Concierge support

To give you an idea, the types of activities that concierge care may involve include:


Care follow up – liaise with District Nurse / GP / Hospital specialists


Medication – monitor and manage ordering process


Pharmacy collections


Arranging additions supports services e.g. chiropodist / home hairdressers


Book and manage appoints e.g. dental


Key holder service


Family feedback / summary service

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Concierge Care faqs

What exactly is concierge domiciliary care, and how does it differ from traditional home care?

Concierge domiciliary care is a premium service that combines traditional home care with personalised assistance. While traditional home care addresses practical needs, concierge care takes it a step further by providing bespoke services tailored to your preferences and lifestyle. From arranging appointments, running errands, and offering companionship to ensuring your comfort and well-being, our concierge carers go above and beyond to provide an elevated experience that aligns with your desires.

How do you ensure that the concierge care provided is personalised to each individual's preferences?

Personalisation is at the core of our concierge care approach. We begin by getting to know you, your routines, preferences, and aspirations. Our carers work closely with you to craft a tailored care plan that aligns with your lifestyle and needs. Regular communication and feedback ensure that our services evolve with your changing requirements, creating an experience that’s as unique and individual as you are.


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How do I put Triage Care Services Concierge Care in place?

Step 1
Step 1

Get in Touch

We start with a friendly chat, taking time to get to know you and understand exactly what you need from us.

Step 2
Step 2

Free Home Assessment

This allows us to properly understand your home care needs and assess appropriate levels of support.

Step 3
Step 3

Personalised Care Plan

We’ll put together a personalised care plan.

Step 4
Step 4

Get Started

Once you’re completely happy and comfortable with everything, your care will commence.

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